Ten years divided
Rick Nunez, 34 and Chris Garcia 24,
and school was in session.

Mike Rios Jr. leads the way to the ring Aug. 30, 2014
with Chris Garcia, Junior Welterweight trailing.

Mike Rios Sr. leads Rick Nunez to the ring as Nunez pauses
to exchange a fist bump with a young fan while corner
man David Sanchez carries the towels and bucket.

Garcia was making his pro debut at the Nelson Wolfe
Stadium as part of Triple A Promotion's Battle at the Ballpark.

From the opening bell the action was pushed by Nunez.

Despite Nunez at times closing his eyes as he delivered
a punch his accuracy was consistent.

With the difference in height Garcia pressed to stay inside.

Awkwardly Garcia would bend at the waist which resulted
in getting hit on the top of the head from the taller Nunez.

To create distance Garcia would bend backwards. But this
left him in a position that did not give him either a defensive
or an offensive advantage.

Nunez employed a rather rigid but classic stance
with his feet set comfortably apart at the
often crouching Garcia.

Boxing Judge Ursulo Perez looks on.

Garcia jumps in anticipation of getting tagged.

An accidental trip made no difference in the round.

As a junior welterweight Garcia is going to likely
face larger opponents.

When Garcia did connect in the center of the ring his
extended punches found their mark and Nunez
says they packed a lot of power.

Nunez was never rocked and was able to fire back.

Rick Nunez

Tangles were brief but repetitive.

At times Nunez was unable to keep from being
caught up in Garcia's grasp.

Battered and bruised Garcia's nose may have been broken.

Chris Garcia

Getting under Nunez's jab seemed to be a constant effort.

Big wind ups and Hail Mary punches seemed to
be the only option for Garcia.

Again and again Garcia's technique got him hit in
the back portion of the top of his head.

Rarely was Garcia able to work the body
 despite going inside.

Nunez kept his composure throughout the fight.

in the third and final round Garcia appeared gassed.

Nunez pressed steady.

Anger and will power were all Garcia had left.

Nunez didn't hurry and try and swarm Garcia.
He remained steady and followed his corner's instructions.

By the end of the third Garcia was clearly over matched.

Unable to connect with any effectiveness
Garcia changed strategy.

Battered and bruised Garcia was a game warrior.

But enough was enough.

Garcia tried to stay out of harm's way.

Apparently enjoying himself Garcia began mugging.

.. and mugged.

.. and mugged.

But it didn't lull Nunez into making a mistake.

Nunez kept the pressure up.

It was apparent Garcia didn't want to get banged any more.

When the bell rang for the 4th round Garcia stayed in his corner.

Nunez was declared the winner.

Garcia showed poor judgement at the end of the fight.

Mike Rios Sr. applauded as David Sanchez held the pink
gloves Nunez wore to raise Breast Cancer awareness.

Then Marcos Solis climbed into the ring to challenge Nunez.

Now the whole team is here.