Adam Lopez won by TKO against Leonardo Torres on Aug. 30, 2014 at the Nelson Wolfe Stadium in San Antonio, TX

Referee Mark Calo-oy greets boxer Adam Lopez. Former two
time world champion Carlos Hernandez stands in Lopez's corner.

Lopez, an avid San Antonio Spurs basketball fan paid
tribute to the team's fifth NBA title.

Lopez employs a classic stance built for offense and defense.

Leonardo Torres of Matamoros, Mexico has now faced both
of San Antonio's premier Super Bantamn weights, Lopez and
Javier "Pitbull" Rodriguez.

Lopez had a successful amateur career that took him to
multiple countries and he brought home several championships.

Torres consistently presented difficult angles for Lopez to
catch him cleanly and give Torres an opportunity to
deliver his own offense.

The elusive Torres didn't seem to frustrate Lopez.

Lopez was able to move the fight where he wanted it early.

Torres made the most out of his jab but was unable
to consistently keep Lopez from advancing.

Under the lights of the baseball stadium the fighters
both employed offensive strategies.

Whenever Torres pressed successfully he made
the most out of his opportunites.

Lopez showed off his defensive skills against the ropes
and was seemingly unfazed by Torres best shots.

Even Torres body shots had little effect on Lopez.

Lopez proved again he can counter punch effectively.

Lopez has power in both hands.

Torres went down from a single hard right.

Torres was able to get up and was ready to continue.

As often happens Torres came back
from the knockdown aggressively.

Between rounds Joe Garcia of Scratch Boxing reminded
Torres to stick to their game plan.

Momentarily Torres trapped Lopez on the ropes.

Giving all he had Torres was unable to capitalize
on having Lopez against the ropes.

Using all of a veteran's wiliness Lopez used the ropes to
spring out of harm's way.

Torres continued to chase Lopez in what appeared a last
ditch effort to win the round.

But Lopez was able to block, slip and avoid Torres.

Torres pressured Lopez into what was quickly ruled a slip.

Lopez was able to score with short shots from inside.

Torres got full extension but little else
 on this off balance punch.

The well trained Lopez's never once heard his
corner yell "Keep your hands up."

Showing Torres he has power in the left hand.

Lopez leveraged the angle with his power and speed.

Torres was knockdown a second time, this
time in the center of the ring.

Once again Torres responded as aggressively
following a knockdown.

Hands up, elbows in Lopez frustrated Lopez.

Lopez has all the tools.

More from the left side, Lopez is dangerous with either hand.

When Lopez exerted his will Torres was unable to respond.

Like the seasoned pro he is becoming Lopez delivered
punishment that was breaking down Torres.

Torres was unable to counter punch
when trapped in his own corner late in the fight.

Lopez looked to tee off but ever difficult Torres was
able to slip what would have been a devastating right.

But the end was near as Torres no longer had
the strength to keep Lopez off of him.

Lopez was able to strike with power.

Torres was reduced to clinching in a last ditch
effort to avoid punishment.

Lopez was able to see several openings to end the fight.

It was just a matter of time before Torres would
 be unable to mount any defense whatsoever.

Torres may not have a bright future in boxing
but he is one tough hombre.

All Torres saw late was leather.

Delivering the last punch of the fight squarely on the chin.

Torres was out.

As Torres hit the canvass notice the different expressions
of the Ring Card (L) promoter Fito Martinez and
boxing commission official Robert Tapia.

Referee Mark Calo-oy took no time in calling the fight.
To the left the medical staff looks on.

This fight is over.

The home crowd showed their appreciation.

Dr.Wayne Lee (L) and Dr. Dawn Rudd (R) quickly entered the ring
to assist Torres and made their initial evaluations on his condition.

Torres was slow to come around and is
medically suspended for 30 days.

Adam Lopez 9-0 with 4 KO's