It was a blood bath and a tough battle in Austin, TX Saturday July 19th at the Doris Miller Rec Center when Austin's former amateur champion Kenton Sippio-Cook faced off against Houston's Felipe Reyes. A nasty cut developed over the right eye of Reyes from an elbow in close. The action never stopped once during this six round match up. Reyes pressed Sippio-Cook up against the ropes but the clever and hard hitting Sippio-Cook countered and scored.

Reyes is a tough competitor and his team is going to have to address his propensity to cut. At time I had to clean the lens of my camera as it became dotted with blood.

Sippio-Cook is a crafty and experienced fighter on the inside. Reyes did everything he could to keep Sippio-Cook pressed against the ropes but the strategy backfired.

When the action left the ropes neither fighter was willing to back up. I cannot recall either fighter taking more than a single step back before taking two forward.

Here is the elbow that damaged Reyes.

Blood quickly began running above the right eye.

Sippio-Cook countered with both hands to impress the judges from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Sippio-Cook is known for his power but nothing he threw Reye's way slowed down the relentless attack.

Reyes gave up several inches to the taller and longer Sippio-Cook which forced him to try and stay inside. But this was clearly one of those times where the opponent was just as dangerous on the inside as he is at range.

Pressing in close allowed the more experienced Sippio-Cook to use all of his knowledge in close quarter combat.

Reyes is a strong fighter and forced Sippio-Cook to the bloodied canvass but the referee ruled it a push and not a knockdown. With the action in the opposite corner I didn't capture a punch so the referee, at least in my opinion, made the correct call.

In one of several bizarre events during the evening Co-Promoter Ann Wolfe, a former women's world champion, used small children in the ring as ring card girls. This small child was clearly affected by the sight of the bloodied Reyes sitting on his stool between rounds. Wolfe would have been better served concentrating on selling sponsorships allowing real ring cards to be produced, insisting the venue operators have working A/C and realizing that the DJ was playing the well chosen play list at ear splitting distorted levels.

Throughout the final round as they had for each and every previous round the combatants stood toe to toe and slugged it out.

In the end a jubilant Reyes clearly thought he won the fight.

But it was not to be.