Mayhem Sept. 13, 2014

Mayweather vs. Maidana 2

This shot of Floyd TMT Mayweather, Miami Heat fan surrendering in Spurs country you will not see anywhere else. This was part of a promotional tour to hype his upcoming fight against Marcos Maidana. The title of the rematch with Maidana is Mayhem. The mayhem started on the small Fiesta Texas platform alongside the roller coaster track. The crowd on the opposite side should have been held back and the media placed there. As it was one of Mayweather's daughters was almost crushed against the railing, a park empolyee was shouting not to push her onto the tracks as the ride launched.
Poor planning by Fiesta Texas staff was obvious as Express News boxing writer John Whisler, the Time Warner News cameraman and the camera woman for Azteca America were not allowed into this area.

Mayweather keeps a large number of large guys around him who seemingly double as nannies for his children as well. I will give these big guys credit, when at one point I was in a spot where one of them wanted to be he politely addressed me as "Sir" and asked me if he could move one of the children around me. No pushing, no shoving, no growling. They were strictly professional and didn't try to interrupt my shots.

Marcos Maidana and trainer Robert Garcia were not invited to ride the roller coaster but the fights with Mayweather are without a doubt the ride of Maidana's professional career.

Promoter Leonard Ellerbe is all smiles when he looked out and saw thousands of San Antonio fight fans show up for the Press (Pep Rally) Conference.

Mayweather makes his entrance.

The crowd compressed the Champ's entourage into a long line.

Trainer Robert Rodriguez came off as bitter towards Mayweather for never giving him a shot when he was a fighter in the ring. Garcia went so far as to say he would have beat him. When Mayweather took the microphone he pointed out Diego Corrales beat Garcia a fighter Mayweather disposed of.

Mayweather told the fans he only had a few fights left and might bring one to San Antonio.

Local promoters Jesse James Lieja and Mike Battah were clearly interested in bringing Mayweather to town for a fight.

The face off.

The shoving match started after Maidana promised a knockout and then put his hand on Mayweather's chest.


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