Joe Calvey is a Professional and Amateur Boxing and MMA Judge as well as an active sports photographer and writer for several Texas newspapers.

Past Event

Triple A Battle at the Ball Park Photos

Javier "Pitbull" Rodriguez vs. Guadalupe Perez

Cresencio Ramos Pro Debut

Adam Lopez vs. Leonardo Torres

Rick Nunez vs. Chris Garcia

Armando Cardenas vs. James Burns

From Austin, TX

Kenton Sippio-Cook vs Felipe Reyes

6 Round Blood Bath


MotoGp riders screamed by in colors that would make a peacock proud.The 1000cc bikes whipped past me at 200 MPH just a few feet away with nothing more than a guard rail between us before going into a 60 degree lean to take the next turn.  Read the Article.

In case you were wondering...

Well it could have said that. For photos and comments about the recent visit to San Antonio by 11 time World Champion Floyd Mayweather CLICK HERE..

Recently I passed the Level 2 Boxing Judge test with USA Boxing and have taken the Association of Boxing Commissions Referee Training with Jay Nady and the Boxing Judge Training with Boxing Judge Duane Ford, yes, that Duane Ford. Judging amateur boxers is pretty tricky and enjoyable not to mention intense. Visit for information on amateur boxing in South Texas.

I was trained in Cinematography and Photography by the US ARMY at the US Air Force Aerospace Academy, Lowry AFB, Denver Colorado. During my service 1975 - 1978 I had the honor to be the Medical Photographer at Brooke Army Medical Center. Back then I fell under the command of Col. Howard Gutin and Brig. Floyd Baker. Col. Gutin ran the state of the art video center where the video tape was about 1 1/2" wide and came on reels that measured about a foot and half across. Gen. Baker ran the world famous Brooke Army Medical Center where I served.

My good friend Tony Pfau, an award winning director and an instructor at the Colorado Film School taught me the basics of video editing as my old skills of cutting a length of film in half then gluing it where I wanted an edit was simply outdated.

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